Tortoise Chow Original Formula For All Tortoise Species

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Tortoise Chow is a high fiber diet for herbivorous tortoises such as Sulcatas, Leopards, Radiated, Aldabra, Red/yellow Foots, Galapagos, and all other tortoise and reptile species. This diet may also be used with other herbivorous reptiles such as iguanas and bearded dragons. Food is packed to order FRESH. This is the most popular tortoise diet on the market, with our large volume you can also be sure your order is not only the freshest but packed and shipped fast and professionally. This item ships in a heavy duty Mylar bag as shown. Food is heat sealed with tear off tamper proof strip and resealable zipper for continued use once seal is broken.

Item is packed fresh in human grade approved heavy duty Mylar bag. Bags are heat sealed tamper proof with tear off strip and resealable zipper for continued use once seal is broken.

Tortoise pellets are formulated for herbivorous tortoises and reptiles (iguanas, bearded dragons, exct...). Simple food prep, just soak the desired amount in water or fruit juice to soften. On large tortoises, such as adult sulcatas, leopards, Aldabras, Galapagos pellets can be fed dry with access to water source. When used on young animals, pellets can be fed mixed in with greens and or cactus or fed alone. We recommend keeping fruit to a minimum unless feeding South American species like red food, yellow foots, cherry heads, exct... For tropical species like star tortoises (Indian/Sri Lankan/Burmese) and Radiated animals of all ages do best when pellets are soaked.

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Tortoise Chow Original Tortoise Food Pellets
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