Normal Silkworm Eggs (bombyx mori)

Normal Silkworm Eggs

Silkworm Eggs - (normal) are the most common silkworm (bombyx mori) used for educational programs, scientific research, and reptile/amphibian, bird, and mammal food. Growing silkworms from hatching silkworm eggs is the most affordable approach to using silkworms.

Our eggs are shipped fresh, glued to our special extra heavy duty 150 mm petri dish in egg counts of 250-1000 silkworm eggs. For bulk silkworm egg counts of 2000-25,000+ we ship loose in a special deli cup with vented lid.

Why do we ship our eggs glued down? We find the transfer process results in higher success rate after hatching for hobbyists.

How do you hatch/grow silkworm eggs? We ship our eggs labeled with hatching instructions, depending on the time of year eggs will hatch in 7-10 days. In some circumstances it may take 14 days and others as few as 2 days depending on shipping options and temperatures.

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