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About us

Coastal Silkworms has grown from a small company to a worldwide provider of silkworm and other related goods the world over.  As part of Coastal Exotics, Inc. which maintains rights to the Coastal Silkworms brand we are happy to offer specialized niche products of the highest quality. We’re the only silkworm producer in the USA to offer exceptional quality products with locations on both the east and west coast of the United States. Established in 2003, we offer a wide array of premium insects and care products.  Providing services to hobbyists, retailers, breeders, wholesalers, distributors, zoos/aquariums, universities, education, and scientific research the world over.

Our main office in the East serves all US and worldwide partners, while our West coast office focuses service to  the western hemisphere of the US specializing in California and surrounding states. All our silkworms and hornworms are grown in house and packed to order. We own exclusive rights to our silkworm strains and trade names. This includes our “Pods”, if it doesn’t have our logo on it; it’s not a real Coastal Silkworms “Pod”. Our silkworm eggs are produced from superior European strains, which go through strict cleaning processes to avoid contamination. Our special silkworm food (chow) blend is a result of over a decade in improvements and changes to our blend. Thus resulting in the highest quality product on the market for the price. We do not sell Chinese’s manufactured silkworm food or eggs.